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Hi Guys,

My first time hitting up clifton gardens. Every report i read of the place suggests there are hoards of people but good fish.

Got there just before 530 and started flicking blood worm wrigglers. Got a few taps but was hard fishing with the wind blowing in my face.

My mate came down later and bought some bait so we chilled and threw a line out. I cant remember the last time bait fishing so was actually a nice change.

We managed quite a few undersized snapper, the most memorable fish being a 32cm bream, 30cm snapper and a good sized flattie.

Its a great little spot, it did get rather busy but i was very pleased to see everyone respecting each other, the bag and size limit.

I did notice the rocky point to the right of the wharf. Has anyone fished this point? and what can I expect here?



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I have fished off the rocks a few times. Off the end I have caught salmon and trevally, and half way along I have caught big bream, squid, and a solid flattie. Can be a big of a trek getting down there with a bit of gear, but quite nice if you have the place to yourself!

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I used to take half my house with me fishing and each time I go I have been taking less and less gear - now I just take a backpack with the essentials, rods + rod holders in one hand and a small esky bag in the other. I recommend everyone does the same! Its a god send having less gear to cart around - especially if you have a donut day!

I'll have to give the rocks at clifton a try, the wharf used to be my local (after work 2 - 3 nights a week) but after never landing anything legal there I moved on. Great spot for yakkas though!

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On 2/4/2015 at 2:47 PM, fragmeister said:

That rocky point accesses some quite deep water in close.

I've caught some jumbo bream, legal snapper and salmon from there and I have heard its a reasonable Jew spot but I can't vouch for that.

Good luck


How do you get there .I tried a couple of times but to no avail

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19 hours ago, fishii said:

How do you get there .I tried a couple of times but to no avail

I have only fished there from the boat but I suspect that you scramble around the rocks from Clifton Gardens or through the bush from the street above the reserve.

All through here is pretty deep water and there are plenty of bait schools so it would make sense that larger fish would hold up here to ambush them.






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Thanks for the info Jim .I tried getting onto the rocks from the walkway but was unsuccessful . Usually  when Im at the wharf  I do a couple of guys fishing from there . I  guess I would keep trying or one just go there to find that spot:)

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45 minutes ago, Xuanhong2 said:

@fishii May I ask how you made it there, if you don't mind that is.

I tried going through the rocks from the bottom of the beach but there was too much algae making it impossible to make it through with the gear I'm holding. 

Xuanhong2 park in Morella Rd near Iluka Rd and there are tracks leading to the water, there are many different criss-crossing paths, but if you just head east you'll find the way- easier on the way back. Most of the headland has accessible spots to fish

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Great place to fish

Fish the north side of Chowder Head (Chowder Bay) straight opposite the old Navy Base.. look for a patch of oysters. Good place for Luderick and Bream. you can only fish this place at low tied as the rocks get covered on high tide. 

The south side (Taylors Bay) look for the larger flat area see map above in this post, good place for luderick, bream, leather jacket, 

East side deeper waters, look for the rocky outcrop.. for Jew fish and paraplegics Can only fish this at low tide , water will come up to your knees and waist depending on the level of high tide.

If your fishing for luderick bring your own weed or cabbage as not much there. There is sand on the south side for burley

Be safe, as it gets slippery especially after rain,

As you fish the area more often you will get to know the tracks

Warning There are ticks in the bush (I know as i got one on me as the weather warms up) wear long sleeves, long pants and a broad brim hat, no guarantee to keep them off but helps. 

Good Luck

Mr T


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