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Fishing sites stagnating

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I may be wrong but it seems like all online fishing sites are becoming stagnant with people's contribution.

Please don't get me wrong this Is one of the best sites going but it seems to me the same people are constantly contributing to this site.

Surely there's plenty of members that have something to contribute instead of just reading others posts.

Like I said this is a wonderful site with a great team behind it with the potential to be even better if more people didn't sit on the fence and put their 2 cents in regardless of what people may think.

Don't be shy.

Remember a post that helps 1 person is a post worth posting.

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Maybe it's just a case of you can only re-invent the wheel so many times. I try to avoid the obligatory "nice fish" and "congratulations" posts all the time as more out of habit than any other reason and hope to have something to add when I do post. I have been on other sites that just allow random ramblings until they turn into sledging and arguments that I no long bother with including one in particular one that allowed a couple of fools to continually post dribble and start arguments for to sake of getting their post counts up. Post counts aren't everything and quality beats quantity for me when it come to fishing.

I will also admit over the last couple of months the Xmas holidays and such have taken way too much fishing time and therefore not so much to report especially when added with some very ordinary weather.

I have met several people through here and swapped PM's with many others and would like the time to fish with a few of them again. It says a bit about this site you are prepared to invite a stranger to meet you at your boat at 6.00am to go fishing without a concern. Unfortunately the timing of socials hasn't fitted my calendar but hope that will change next time.

Another point I have noticed is often on new posts there may be a high number of views but not many replies. I know I often read posts on my phone but cant be bothered trying to type out any detailed rely until I'm back in front of a keyboard. I wonder if I might not be alone there.

Just a couple of my thoughts.

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Yes it is an interesting fact that you have brought up. Since the introduction of social media and technology such as mobile phone and tablets the way we interact has changed.

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram have been the real catalysts. I have the ability to add a "like" function here on Fishraider but have not done so. I believe people now think it is sufficient to just "like" a picture or story.

I can tell you that an increasing number of people are accessing Fishraider via mobiles using Tapatalk. Because they are reading posts "on the fly" and are content consumers rather than content producers the views are constant but the replies are fewer.

The traffic on the Fishraider is increasing all the time. I don't think Fishraider is stagnating. The way we consume knowledge has changed.

I will do some statistical analysis and come back if there is anything to share.


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To add fab1, you will also notice many people that will start their post by saying "first time poster, long time lurker". This is because they are viewing content on the site regarding techniques and stories that they aspire too. Then the penny drops and they finally get it and they are only to happy to share their journey.

For me, and as an active moderator of this site, I have learnt more about fishing from reading members reports, than I have in the 20+ years of fishing prior to becoming a member.

I have seen "the other sites" and nothing compares in comparison to this forum.

I have met so many raiders that I can now call mates and communicate with them sometimes on a daily basis.

The admin of this site are very proactive in asking the members what they would like and organise as many socials to fulfil these requests.

You have contributed a lot to this site recently and I'm sure have helped other raiders more than realise.

So continue to place your posts and information as I know it insipires other to do the same!

Cheers scratchie mod team

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Totally agree with the 'Like' button.

Though, in some ways would be better than just saying congrats, or nice fish, well done........you would probably get more pats on the back, and thus forum activity.

On the other side, if you have a 'Like' button, I think there should also be a 'Dislike' button.......but then opens a whole can of worms!

Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk HD

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Personally I like the idea of a like button. I think it would allow members to add support to a post or opinion without the need to engage in a written reply which it seems many do not do. I also agree with Ian that a dislike button allows balance.

It could be seen that this is a step for the non contributors to start engaging and from there feel they can be a voice in the community. I believe many new on infrequent posters may be resistant about posting due to lack of confidence. And seeing a bunch of thumbs up ( because the biggest thing about this great site is the genuine positive attitude all members have) would encourage further posts.

That said I do understand the current anticipation a + may stop a member from posting.

As Donna has pointed out media is changing and it is good to see the reason behind the current policy.

Would a more casual engagement encourage or discourage further postings???

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Great to engage in conversation on this topic but would anyone really want or accept a "dislike" button on there post really????

My personal opinion is that it would stop people from engaging on the forum at all.

Sometimes a report of donuts helps other fishos decide on there next plan of a trip! And them to have 30,40,50 dislikes would stop me from posting!

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Scratchie. I don't believe anyone would give a thumbs down to a fisho who Blanked but took the time to post about their experience. A thumbs down is more about disagreeing. With a statement or opinion.

I. E. New bag limits have been declared or I think there should be a slot limit on flatties.

Of course my opinion is based as a poster and not a mod.

I see time and time again posts where moderation has chosen that this is too contentious to continue and the post us locked. Probably saving a thread from falling into a battle of opinion.

The moderators do an amazing job sanitising this site. Helping make this a fun place for all to post without fear of getting bashed and steering members to abide by the necessary rules.

Is the current setup conducive to encouraging non posters to post??? I realy don't know.

It's a shades of gray world with no right or wrong answers in my opinion. Maybe something more casual would encourage posting maybe it would just mess up the family spirit we all share.

I'll get back to counting ones and zeros and leave the marketing and blue sky thinking to the experts.

P. S. +1 to all who have engaged

P. P. S you could. Count the approvals or disapproval on a suggestion of a " thumbs up" suggestion from all the members themselves if this were in place. If you get my drift. Obviously it's for Donna and Stew to run this site in the way they feel best and I would suggest they have done a diamond job for a very long time. If an opinion of the members is desired it would be as easy as the cotm vote to ask if members desire this.


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Are we honest enough to ask what people don't like on this and other forums?

And it would be good to see a few more low frequency posters chip in to this discussion.

Here is a post that I started Dec 2012 to gauge what raiders DO like about the forum CLICK HERE

Fishraider was here well before facebook. Facebook has many limitations and is now failing to survive. Most young folk are engaging on Instagram, Twitter and other sites. They move because the Mum's and Dad's are doing facebook.

Fishraider is a massive "facebook" but much better. We have the capability to store all the information in logical areas and retrieve it at a seconds notice. We are social both online and offline.

I have thought many times that perhaps we should close fishraider, I dunno.

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The LIKE button. Hmmmmm. at least people need to actually log on but dislike button is more bound to upset. Also maybe if a member disliked as a ribbing to someone he knew those not in the loop may be put off. Probably not a lot of upside to a dislike button.

I will often "follow" a thread that I have some interest in the topic but not much to add initially. ie I'm interested in the responses but I'm not much help with the answer.

Overall I think this site is going great. Sure there are times when posts thin out and other times (like Bluefin season) when you cant keep up.

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I don't think it's fair to compare what happens here to what happens on facebook.

Example, I posted last week on removing a seat from my tinnie, I received heaps of opinions and even just 10 minutes ago another idea.

Now, had I put it out on facebook, I would have got 3 likes, 4 blokes I haven't seen for 2 years asking "when we going fishing" and mum asking why I'm spending money on the boat and not putting in a pool for the kids.

Leave Facebook where it is, and never ever ever let my wife or mum know I hang out here......!

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I don't think it's fair to compare what happens here to what happens on facebook.

Example, I posted last week on removing a seat from my tinnie, I received heaps of opinions and even just 10 minutes ago another idea.

Now, had I put it out on facebook, I would have got 3 likes, 4 blokes I haven't seen for 2 years asking "when we going fishing" and mum asking why I'm spending money on the boat and not putting in a pool for the kids.

Leave Facebook where it is, and never ever ever let my wife or mum know I hang out here......!

Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk

I hear you.

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I don't think it's fair to compare what happens here to what happens on facebook.

Example, I posted last week on removing a seat from my tinnie, I received heaps of opinions and even just 10 minutes ago another idea.

Now, had I put it out on facebook, I would have got 3 likes, 4 blokes I haven't seen for 2 years asking "when we going fishing" and mum asking why I'm spending money on the boat and not putting in a pool for the kids.

Leave Facebook where it is, and never ever ever let my wife or mum know I hang out here......!

Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk

Dislike! Should put the pool in and listen to your mum!

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Before this topic gets "liked" or "disliked" can I provide a couple of examples why Fishraider is the best fishing forum in Australia.

I joined back on 2012 but was a long time lurker on this forum. I have fished for over 30 years but not to the extent I do now.

Since joining this site, I have met, fished, engaged and journeyed with many raiders over the past years. I have offered and sort advice. And also read nearly every post of the last 3 years which has made me such a better fisho.

From yowie in the hacking, grouper on his squid adventures, stormy and the boys on their blackfish sessions, sticky beak and his marlin trips, all of them have contributed to who I am the fisherman today! Man, I caught my first blackfish based on a rig I heard stormy describe 2 years ago! Never even thought of chasing them.

One time I was out on a game boat heading to browns mountain, it was like a car park. The boat I was on had no affiliation with raider. The capt goes shit "where are we going to start our drift. No worries I said, grab the mic, any fishraiders out there boys, this is scratchie! 3 replys, yeah I see you coming in, start on the south side of that boat there and drop. 3mins later double hook up! The capt looks at me and goes your kidding, no mate Fishraider!

Just for the record I will try and recap the members that I've been fishing with over the past 3 years....

Diesel, hunter111, stickybeak, trout stalker, weekend detention, fishythings, kitto, Oziodin, flattieslaye, simmo, dom, wahoo76, gh1952, roadrunner parts,Nbdshroom,reef magic,witha, rayr, gudude,berleyguts and to be honest, that's just to name a few!

So to answer the topic, stagnet??? I think not, it is the way you engage the forum that counts!

Cheers scratchie!!!

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There are many members that do not even have a facebook.

Some use facebook for business and try to post a picture there often. All it shows is how many likes that page has and nothing else.

Here are some interesting stats

Yesterday only:

5,481 sessions - 44.5% new and 55.5% returning

users - 4,353

pageviews - 19,828

Over the month - 43% accessed by Safari, 30% Chrome and 14% IE

Devices used to access - Apple iphone 44.9%, ipad 22.14% and the next 6 were all Galaxy

Unique visits over last 30 days 118,691 - now who said fishraider was stagnating :banana:

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Just some personal observations;

I like to post new topics, and generally get a few responses. That's OK. I also occasionally donut on responses to my posts, as well. That's when I have to ask myself "why?". Was the content not interesting enough to respond to? Was I communicating well enough? I'd like to think that asking myself questions like that will improve my quality and quantity of future contributions,

To that end, a dislike button probably wouldn't acheive much. It's too open to negative interpretation. I'd much prefer either a written response or just none at all.

However, I often, like now, come to the forum late at night. Sometimes I'm too tired to respond to posts. Other times, I'm tempted to enter the fray, but I know my brain's ready to clock off and I probably wouldn't make sense, anyway. That's where a like button would work for me. A chance for a quick, positive response when time and circumstance are against me.

Lastly, I don't think this site has stagnated, but I'm surprised that the Kayak Krew section has been quiet this summer. Especially seeing that kayak fishing is still enjoying an explosion in popularity. There's only been twelve new posts since September. At least they've all been generated by different members.

I'm about to change jobs, which will cut out about 20 hrs of useless commute time per week. You know what I'm going to be doing instead. You've got it. Fishing and reporting! Just thought I should give the unwary a "heads up".

Keep up the good work, Stewy and Donna.

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Nursie, I agree with you about the kayak crew but to be honest, I haven't geared up myself for a while either! But since you mentioned it, I'm inspired now to get out there with mine and put up a report! Hope you do too!

Cheers scratchie!!!

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Wow!what a response.

Some different opinions on things thus far.

As far as the like/dislike button,personally I think it will breed lazyness in SOME users over using this function.

If you think about it people can absorb and learn a heck of a lot by some of the replys given to posts by members than simply a like.

As for people giving you a thousand dislikes for your post I for one couldn't give a rats to be honest as I've grown to have a thick skin in this world we live in and Would not stop me posting.

Saying that I can see how it could put people off completely and even be upsetting to some.

To conclude this little rant my original post was in regards to new posts being put up more so than replying to them.

An example for instance would be fishing reports.

I'm sure with the amount of members we have on this fantastic site we fish a hell of a lot more than our posts show.

As someone here mentioned don't be afraid to put forward your ideas,fishing trips,experiences etc as that is what makes this the fantastic site it is for all to learn and share together.

Please note I post everything from my phone,and if I can take the time out working 12hr days 6 days a week I'm sure most of you guys can too.

I've just worn out my index fingers fingerprint.lol.

Ohhh and Admin,Please,Please don't turn this into another FaceBook.

One is sufficient in this lifetime.

Keep the posts coming.


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I dont think fishraider is stagnating i think fishing itself is getting harder to catch anything decent to put in a post.

my last 2 outings to the bay have resulted in 2- 40 cm flattys

not post worthy

this summer seems a lot quieter than previous years

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What an interesting topic.

I joined Fishraider about 12 months ago and in that time I have posted 667 times.

That probably puts me up there with the more active site contributors.

Here are some of the reasons why I contribute regularly that perhaps may help in working through why people do or don't engage.

At this point I would like to point out that these are my reasons and I am not saying they are valid for everybody or necessarily

always beneficial for me... its just the way I am as an individual.

1) I like sharing my experiences ( even if people are not interested I always think they will be) LOL

2) I believe that I can't expect that people will comment or support or contribute to my posts if I don't show interest in theirs.

3) Contributing to a post seems to bring out more information, detail and ideas within that post.

4) Absolutely I like the validation of the experience you get from other fishos.

5) Personally, I don't like being an observer in any process.

6) I don't ever recall a negative comment from any member on one of my posts. Its always constructive and in good humour.

Those of us who post a lot may just be the kind of people who naturally engage in things not just the fishraider forum. I think that the Fishraider admin

and moderators do a great job in removing the obstacles that get in the way of those members who may be reluctant to post. Things like banning abusive members,

locking posts that are getting a little too confrontational etc etc.

I am in two minds about the Like/Dislike option.

I suspect it will increase the amount of low level interaction and simultaneously decrease the amount of specific feedback.

Personally, I think Like/Dislike buttons are a disincentive to good engagement.... Posts become better posts because people ask questions or offer advice and feedback

.Put a like button on the post and that may just stop someone from commenting by choosing a quicker option. "Like" will never replace "I like it because...."

Having said all that, I am fast realizing that I come from a different time and the kind of interaction fueled by social media is one of Like and Dislike on a scale that baffles me...

Just give one decent in depth conversation over a hundred likes/dislikes/thumbs ups or tweets.

Whoops!... I'm on the soap box again!

Cheers Jim

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I'm a newbie, so please take my comments with a pinch of salt:


1. Like - sounds good

  • a way for people to say congrats, I agree/support your views.
  • Good for the people that are more shy.
  • People can of course post comments, asking questions or offering suggestions.
  • By having this, it means that people reading a topic are getting more substantial information in the threads - as opposed to just 'likes' in 'words'

2 Dislike - Prefer that there isn't one to encourage people to post.

  • Where people disagree with views posted, then they can post comments in response.
  • Moderators/Admins can monitor to ensure that there is no harrassment/bullying or lock down a topic if the discussion does not remain constructive.

Facebook/Information forum

  • Keep the 2 separate
  • This forum is an easy way for people to learn more about fishing - particularly for those that are shy. They can contribute content when they are ready.
  • Believe that fishing reports should cover both negative and positive trips - as this is useful for those planning a trip.

(Sorry, but I love bullet points.....)

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As one of the people who likes to acknowledge posts as a matter of courtesy to those who have gone to the trouble to describe their experiences and add Pics I hate to think that others may view that as trying to get my post count up. Why do we always look for the worst in people?

A like/dislike button is so impersonal, particularly when responding to new or young contributors where a little more detailed acknowledgement will surely be more encouraging than simply "Like"

Maybe I am old fashioned and should move with the times?

And yes, this is the best site, lets keep it that way.



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