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G'day raiders

Me and Jordan fished the last two days targeting bass and carp

First day we got up late but still had a few casts for bass but nothing so we headed for carp. I lost one in skinny water and it spooked the rest so we moved and we must of found a school the bite was consistent for half and hour we'd put the bait in and 10 seconds later we'd be on they were only small around 40cm but still fun the bite eventually went off and we moved


We moved around abit finding a few more fish and the we moved to another lake and burlyed on the surface and the fish stated hitting the bread Jordan put out a peice and a fish came up and took the bait it didn't look that big at the start and then it almost spooled Jordan he had to cup the spool to stop it he eventually got it in and after a 40min fight we had the fish it went 90cm


After that we caught a few nice fish around the 65cm range and then went home

The next day we got up really early to target bass we were at the spot before first light and had our surface lures in the water we got two nice hits in one spot the hooks didn't stick so we moved to another spot and I had another good hit which didn't stick again so we moved to a different part and after 10 casts I had a awesome hit and hooked up and landed my PB bass going 38cm


We kept trying for more and other than another hit and a few follows that was it

We went and tried for carp and I got one on a tiny nymph fly and then we tried some other spots for nothing

We had a mate who knows a spot where we could catch carp on lures so we headed off we had to walk a lot through the bush and eventually we made it to this lake Jordan hooked two and landed them on a zman grubz so I changed to a squidgey wriggler and pulled two. The carp would sit around the edges of the lake in the weed so we would look for them drop our lures on their heads let it hit the bottom leave it and they would suck it up and strike it. It was a lot of fun but we had to leave.


We fished the rest of the afternoon for carp and bass and got nothing much other than so eels

Cheers sydneyfisher12

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Well done mate, those Bass keep greeting bigger as you refine you technique.

That carp Jordan got is a monster, 40 minutes to land, a test of patience and skill.

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Nice work guys. A pb Bass and a 90cm Carp which would have taken some landing. Well done on getting it in. Neil.

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