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The Water Off Sydney

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Hi Guys,

Been trying to read the sea surface chat but am new to the game. Anyone care to give me advice on this -

What site to use?

Hows the current and temp brakes looking like at the moment?

I've been using IMOS but struggling to get any idea of where I should be once I am on the water.


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Rip charts is one of the better ones but you do have to pay for it!! Fish track is a good source for an sst and is free for other stuff like currents tho you will need to pay!! You should be looking for big breaks in tempreature is a first sign to look for post-34493-14316186023681_thumb.jpg where the cursor is is where I would start to look then if you know any fad marks in the vicinity of these breaks that's where I'd be heading!!! Hope this helps even a little!!

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You can have a look at the ripcharts site, they have a free introduction and tutorial which is very useful. Cheers...........


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