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sounds like everyone had a great time as usual. unfortunately I was unable to attend this was the very first year with my girlfriend and her birthday just happened to fall on the same weekend as the social !! I had told everyone at the entrance social that I would be there and even had my mate joe lined up to go with his half cabin then realised what I had done and very quickly had to cancel !!! Although it was a little disappointing missing out on the social I have no doubt that I made the correct decision and didn't give a minutes thought to you guys out in the cold while we were snuggled up in our electric blanket while we spent a very romantic weekend in Katoomba in the snow instead......... then had to cut the weekend short on Saturday afternoon to have emergency dental work due to an infection in my tooth. ouch! congrats to all those who caught some fish and hopefully next year swordies wont organise the social on lesleys birthday and I will be there !! lol


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Just had a look at the pics, Donna. Great stuff. It looked like so much packed into 48hrs, no wonder this social is the success it is.

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