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Gunnamatta Bay - Didn't go to plan!


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What a gorgeous Sunday it was!

New rod, new reel and some 'fresh' soft plastics, so off to the sand flats of Gunnamatta Bay I went.

Embracing the warmth of the Winter sun, loving life, and into the shallows I stepped....

...and stepped right on a stingray.

Got me good too. And hot damn - they do not tickle!!!

I drove myself up to Sutho hospital and they sorted it out.

So, all in all, it didn't go to plan. Maybe next time I'll just stick to the kayak...




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Badluck mate. I wear diving boots now when I go wading, so if my shuffling is not enough only a bigger stingray would be able to get past. I once got stung twice on the same foot on the same day fishing the maianbar flats.

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Think you area meant to put hot water on it. Sure I read up on it.

What did they do?

I've heard that also. Warm water does something to the poison to lessen the pain. Gunnamatta flats are notorious for Rays. I wear either waders or an old pair of shoes when I fish there. Most of them are smallish though. I've seen some mammoth Rays up around Grays point, I reckon waders or shoes wouldn't stop those barbs!!
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Sorry to hear about your incident. Very painful those barbs! Bass assassin was spot on, to dull the pain, place your leg/foot in the hottest water you can handle. Make sure you look after it post injury too! My father in law had to have his lanced a month later to remove toxins.

Cheers scratchie!!!

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Hi guys,

Thanks for the messages...

I'm a first aider myself so tried to do what I could, but had to drive myself to Sutho hospital for treatment.

Hot water, as hot as you can stand, and the toxin breaks down.

With any sort of marine incident like this there is a good chance of infection so take no chances!

Definitely will look into some boots if I take another "stab"... (is it too early for jokes?)

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