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Perch on local creek

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10hours 2 persons 1 baby perch ( released ) Today my friend and I decided to go bass fishing but we had no experience with it and had no idea where was a good location to fish. After finding a place in Nepean Lake that initially looked promising, a local angler, who so happened to be there, kind heartedly advised us that the water where we were fishing was too shallow and would most likely harbor no fish and that we should fish a few kilometers upstream which required a long drive detour. We were already very grateful for his advice but soon after he selflessly offered to lead us with his car to the secret location. Not only did he drive kilometers just to show us the location, he even got out the car, walked us to the location which took a good 15 minutes, and best of all, he even showed us all the good fishing spots and gave us priceless advice. Although we could not thank him enough at that time, we forgot to get his name or his mobile. He was Anglo-Saxon, lived locally, has his own kayak, drove a black Ute, was of a slightly chubby build and wore glasses. If you are reading this or possibly know of this bloke with such as huge heart, my friend and I would like to say a humongous thank you for everything you did for us. It was really something special you did and we can only say we are very fortunate to have bumped into you. Without you we would have probably ended up fishing in a fishless pond.

I hope this incident really encourages everyone to give a lending hand to others in need whenever you can. Keep the fishing spirit alive. At the end of the day you will feel so great to have done something positive. I do believe that what goes around comes around. Thank you again my dear friend.


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Congrats on the little perch or bass - hard to tell from the photo but then again I'm not an expert in the species.

Local help is great and good on the mystery bloke who took time to share his knowledge. There are plenty of folks in this great forum who do the same all the time to help spread the joy of fishing ...

Good luck on the next outing.

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