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Hi all, I own a Shimano Sahara 2500fe and my drag sound is not working, I believe I have played around my drag clicker and I would like to know which direction it should be pointing and how it should look like for it to function properly. If someone can upload a picture of their sahara's drag clicker while its screwed onto their spool I would be more than grateful. I also believe I may need a new drag clicker.post-37374-0-58161500-1445210126_thumb.jpg

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MIght sound like a silly question, but its not the line just spinning on the spool is it? ie, when you pull the line does the entire spool turn? I only ask cos one night my mate an I were fishing on my boat, he noticed the "no clicking sound" when he pulled line, turns out the line was free spinning on the spool.

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Stevefish is right ... The V of the clicker should be always in the centre , yours is to the side . It should always return to the centre .. So it's either siezed on the screw or the spring is broken or needs to be restrecthed...

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Caution, technical jargon ahead-

Referenced off a symetre reel

It looked like you needed to turn the mechanism 15 degrees anticlockwise. 15 second fix?

The pieces should be


Spring with feet laying down over the "v clicker thing"

V clicker thing

The v clicker works like a chocolate wheel clicker on the plastic toothy wheel on the underside of the spool.

If it's not lined up like in your picture because either it's been tightened in the wrong position or the spring is lost/broken, the toothy wheel and the v clicker can't work together.

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