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Scent Blazer is little over few years old now and we getting more and more people using our lures all over the world with great success. We are getting emailed stories like the one below from seasoned game fishermen saying their Scent Blazer lures are out catching all their other lures.

For those of you who don't know, Scent Blazer trolling lures have a bait chamber which allows you to put real bait inside so the lures smell and taste like a real fish. Additional benefits are you can load the lures with sinkers to control the lures weight and action, plus you can and add lights to illuminate the lures on overcast days. You can even put really soft baits like pilchards inside them, so its like trolling around a live pilchard at 8knts.

If anyone wants to try our lures, send me a message and I can advise on which lures are suited to your gear and the fish you are targeting.

Take it easy

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