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We have made Blackfish and NaClH2OK9 new moderators of The Aquarium. They are now Silver Moderators.

These two members are very helpful with the ID of fish captures that members are unsure of. Please communicate with them for any needs regarding The Aquarium

A big thanks from us for your help gents

Donna and Stewy

AUGUST 2019 : There is now only one Silver Moderator. Gordon @Blackfish remains and is very helpful and knowledgeable with identification of fish captures. 

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Gordon is still our Silver Moderator for this sub forum. He has a special interest in identifying fish and is very knowledgeable. 

Members are also invited to give their opinions and we all may agree on the answer in the end. Members can select an up arrow if they agree with the poster's answer. 

He will give the final say on a definitive or best answer. If he does not know he will sometimes send to the Australian Museum to the Ichthyology Collections Manager. They will step in and give us the answer. 

Once the answer has been found Blaxland or myself will select a green tick and add the fish name in brackets beside the post heading. 

You will see 5 questions outstanding if you go to The Aquarium heading. These have not been ID'd due to poor picture or other reason for inability to ID. Members can still try to ID. Popular questions from the past month may also appear listed. 

A big thanks to Gordon who has been doing this important job for us since 2016

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