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Jewfish tagging

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A friend of mine caught a 104cm Jewfish in Botany Bay last week which had a fisheries tag in. He contacted them and was provided with the following information and attached news letter which makes for some interesting reading and data.

Hi, just got the tagging info on your fish!

It was tagged on 27 August 2015 in the Georges River when just 93 cm in length

So, in 178 days it grew 11 cm at a rate of approx 0.6 mm per day. Great info mate!

I have added you to the NSW Research Angler Program newsletter mailing list. The most recent one is attached

As for the tagging component of the Research Angler Program - this is being run and managed by ANSA NSW and the guys you need to talk to are Stan Konstantaras ( or Chris Anagnostou ( will be able to sort you out with some tags and an applicator. Let them know i sent you their way. Thanks heaps for reporting the fish, every little bit of info we can get on these awesome fish is always always welcome.

attached is our nsw-research-angler-program-newsletter-issue-9-december-2015.pdfnews letter:

Cheers Julian

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Thanks for sharing Julian!

I love reading that newsletter, there are always such monsters in it! I've only ever caught baby jews by comparison, but it certainly makes me want to check the weather for the weekend ahead!

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That's great.

Good to get the feedback from Fisheries.

Tagging is an interesting, positive program.

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