Small breakthrough: doubled rapala loop knot

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Hi Raiders,

For all you saltwater lure enthusiasts out there here is a trick l learned which has helped considerably.

The doubled rapala loop knot. Double the line and use it to attach metal lures:


Why is this awesome?

1. You don't need a split ring to connect line to lure. Take the gillies metal lures for example, no split ring is supplied. Big fish will tear straight through a single rapala loop knot (the hard metal edge becomes like a knife). When line is doubled though this is not a problem.

2. You can stop your metal lure from spinning. I've found some metal lures are more effective when they don't spin. You also can do away with swivels. A doubled rapala loop knot creates stabilising type 'wings' which stop the lure from spinning.

3. More natural presentation. I use fluro, my theory is the less terminal tackle used (eg split rings, swivels etc) the more natural looking the lure this more hook ups.

Hope this helps. Any questions let me know.

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There's another way to finish off the tag end which ends up pointing towards the lure therefore limits the weed and debree caught on the tag I'll see if i can find a photo for ya. Been using this same knot to work hard bodies for jacks and it makes a real difference in lure presentation especially in the suspending models.

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This is basically how i finish it off but my tag is inside the loop rather than just above it. There is a good youtube vid of this technique just look up loop knot for lures etc.

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Too easy luke!

I'm interested to see which one is stronger (if it's noticeable)

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