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Summer 2015-16 NSW Research Angler Program Newsletter

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Dear Fishraiders,

please find attached the summer NSW Research Angler Program Newsletter!

On behalf of Fisheries NSW, I would like to thank all of you who participate in the various components of the NSW Research Angler Program for your passion and enthusiasm.

A big thank you to all of the research anglers and spearfishers out there who have donated their mulloway, snapper, tailor, kingfish and flathead frames this summer.

We had 80 frames from donated to the program from summer covering the entire size spectrum of recreationally-caught fish - from just legal 30 cm tailor right up to 150 cm mulloway and 94 cm snapper! This information is priceless for researchers who study these iconic recreational fish species.

We also had a further 65 mulloway tagged over summer and a record 14 recaptures, including a 113 cm fish which swam from Botany Bay 150 km north to Newcastle in 459 days growing 5 cm in the process!

And don't forget, The NSW Research Angler Program is now seeking frame donations from two more new key recreational fish species in addition to mulloway, snapper, kingfish, dusky flathead and tailor. The new species are Spanish and spotted mackerel. So for all you North Coast mackerel enthusiasts, get out there, catch a feed, and give us the frame or the head!

Remember, even if it is only one frame, we will do (almost) anything to get it!

Many thanks once again for your involvement in this exciting new approach Fisheries NSW is taking to collect crucial data for NSW’s most popular recreational fish species.

Please don't hesitate to contact me if you wish to discuss any aspect of the program.

Thank you again and happy summer fishing for mulloway, snapper, kingies, duskies, tailor, spotties and Spaniards!

Kind regards,

Julian Hughes


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