My best ever pan fried fish dish

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This is a recepie that I have used and modified over the years, and always gets great results.

#1 first catch your fish, clean and fillet, bream, flathead, tailor, whitting, whatever you catch, fillet with skin on or off, I prefer skin on depending on fish.

#2 wipe dry your fish with paper towels.

#3 in a fry pan add oil just enough to cover the base of the pan, I use a cast iron pan , this provides good even heat to the fish. The oil I use is a peanut or grape seed oil.

#4 in a dish mix up equal parts of plain flour and rice flour (rice flour gives some crunch and adds a really nice colour to the fish), two teaspoon garlic powder, teaspoon paprika, and add pepper to taste, I use ground white pepper as it has a lighter milder flavour than black pepper, use no salt. Mix well together.

#5 coat fish well with flour mix making sure entire fish is covered.

#6 add to oil a good desert spoon of butter (not maragine) and stir butter/oil till melted and blended together.

#7 add coated fish fillets skin side down, dont over crowd the pan two - three fillets depending on fish and pan size is usually enough to cook at one time, cook for three minutes then gentley turn the fish over, cook the other side for a further three minutes or until golden in colour.

#8 serve immediately fish is cooked .

Additional information.

Serve with mashed potatoe (my favourite), or salad, coleslaw is another option I like to have with this dish

Oil for pan, you can use any oil you have but the peanut oil gives a nice slightly nutty flavour to the fish.

I warm the serving plates, as fish tends to cool quickly

Add salt at the table if required.

Remember you dont have to over flavour fish with heavy spices , I just keep it pretty simple.

Hope you all like.


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Thanks Allan will try it. Sounds good

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Thanks for sharing Allan sounds very tasty. The warm plates idea is a cracker, you're right the fish does cool quickly.

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If I catch anything this weekend, I'll try this for sure.. cheers Greyfox! 

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