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Squid Jigs


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hi everyone

i noticed the other day while squidding my jig was struggling to sink both jigs where a 3.0 and 3.5 yamatzi (spelling is wrong)

so while it was calm i dropped it next to the boat i counted to six and i recon it had luckily dropped 2m down then didnt seem to go further and they was with slack line.

then i would cast and wait about 10seconds give it a good whip and could see it near then surface, wind the slack in and it would hard sink

pls note there was no wind and water was glass clear and the boat wasnt really moving,

do you find different brands or different types sink better?

as i have other jigs and i personally think they sink faster and thats in a 2.5 and 3.0

i didnt do any testing on the water as i only really noticed at the end of the day - but i would explain why i struggled to get any thing.

my best results are when the jigs really get down the bottome then jig up and sink back down (in my short experiance)

any thoughts?

im back on the water (weather permitting) in 2 - 3 weeks so will do some checking then but wouldnt mind some other peoples experience and thoughts, what brands they use they seem to sink well ect..


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Good day mate, I've found there're 3 types of jigs, shallow (light), normal and deep (heavy). I only use the normal ones as I normally fish water between 5m to 15m, when I fish deeper than 10m I'd put on a small running sinker to help it sink faster. Hope this help.


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thanks -

is there something on the jig packet which explains this? as i just assumed the jig size was a particular weight, but i wasnt awear that one 3.0 jig would sink better or faster then another 3.0 jig

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after doing some reaserch on the jigs i have been using and buying they actually state what sinking rate they are -

some 3.0 jigs have a rate of 3.5 sec per m up to 5.5sec per m for example i notice the jig i was using yesterday which was a 3.5 come in a sink rate of 8-10sec per m -

so this answers my questions and i will read the packets before buying from now on, talk about learning the hard way..

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