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Hey Raiders,

I was wondering if anyone familiar with the Skillion in Terrigal would mind writing one of these up?

I have a floatation jacket and cleats although the mate that I am going with hasn't fished much. He is however an excellent swimmer and also owns cleats.

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its a good spot for small pelagics like bonito and rats, shame its only fishable in a small north east swell and light winds offshore (how often is that!). Cleats and boots a must along with life jackets and someone who knows what they're doing. Even in small swell, freak waves can take the unsuspecting fisherman and/or his /her gear in for a swim and its a long swim to get back. Then there are the young, heavily tattooed locals who travel in numbers without shirts, and are quite territorial/aggressive, which is a problem as the ledge doesn't hold many fisherman at once.

Its usually better fishing near the haven boat ramp - can still get the pelagics and its a lot more accessible/easier to fish.

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