Bob Schneider lures 'rigging'

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I was recently given a lure called a Yap & was wondering if anyone on F/R has used one or knows anyone who has.I was particularly

interested in the best way to rig it,mainly because the line tube runs along the top of the head,but unlike Marlinstars etc it looks like it's

meant to swim upright.From my web search they sound very popular with the yanks but nothing on hook setting.

Any advice would be great Cheers. post-38746-0-56193400-1464781355_thumb.jpg

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*ive never run one.

I reckon it will run like a keel weighted plunger, fairly straight and predictable. Which is good cos it makes for an easy to eat lure.

It also means it won't carry a heavy snap and leader as well as a bigger actioned lure. 1 hook or 2 as you choose.

I'd think short corner or rigger where there is some height to get it going.

BUT, give it a go and if it looks right it probably is right. Let us know how it goes

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I haven't used them but they are rated in one lure survey I saw in a US magazine as one of the top 10 marlin lures. I would run it with a single hook stiff rigged with the eye of the hook just in the skirt and then either toothpick peg or waxed thread bind the hook straight up.

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Thanks for the replies.I agree it will need some lift,& being unweighted a single hook facing up sounds like a good place to start.

Their was also another Bob Schneider lure among them ,a 11inch lightly weighted plunger shape.I havn't been able to find out anywhere what model it is (added a photo if anyone knows). I'll hopefully be giving them both a run on the nth coast next (long) weekend.


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