Bream and Snapper sashimi?

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Hi Raiders,

Ok I was going to fry some trevally, bream and snapper, but the fillets on the trav looked too good and being so fresh it seemed a shame to fry it. Also I saw snapper at the local sushi train so I wanted to try for myself.

What's the verdict? Ok the bream was edible, but chewy and had that fish aftertaste. I won't sashimi bream again. The Snapper? Unbelievably great. Sweetest fish ever and lovely, delicate texture without being mushy. Right up there with bonito and better than kingfish.

Tips for snapper:

Leave overnight in fridge, firmer flesh easier to remove skin whilst minimising waste.

Invest in a really good, sharp fillet knife. Fillets are thin so it will take some skill to fillet properly (or catch bigger snapper!).




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Mate I love sashimi have tried a few fish such as tuna  - kingfish - marlin - and of the tuna family . Must give snapper ago .

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Interesting. I would have pegged snapper for being similar to bream. Maybe it depends on where they were caught.

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