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Bearing seal installation

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Hi guys,in my recent bearing posts I don't think I showed how to install the double lipped seal and stainless ring very clearly as it is a very important part of the process if you don't want water ingress into the bearings.

It's very important that the running surface for the seal is nice and smooth and free from pitting before installation.

Here is the seal and


I have put a light smear of sikaflex sealant on the stub axle prior to sliding the seal into

Here I've slid the seal into position while turning it at the same time until its hard up against the stub axle

If you have a look at the back of the seal you can see there's sealant seeping out the back side of the seal,this is what you want to prevent water ingress into the

That's all there is to it with attention to the following points:

-The seals are designed to fit snugly on the axle and stay stationary on the axle and not spin as the axle and seal should be completely clean,smooth and dry.(For additional water tightness I use sealer between the axle and seal)

-Apply a small amount of grease to the lips on the seal and the cup on the stainless ring as this is where the seal both seals and spins inside the stainless ring.

-leave the sealant to cure for a few hours before installing the hub,the longer the better I leave mine over night.

-if you put grease on the axle or the inside of the seal the seal and hub will spin as a unit and not independently allowing water ingress that we don't want.

-Always let the bearings cool for 10-15 min before dunking after a long trip(I know its hard to do but trust me it helps enormously).

-once you go to install the hub after the sealant has dried as you push the hub over the stub axle give it a spin at the same time to seat the hub onto the seal.

Hope I made sense.


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Thanks Fabian, definatly made sense to me. Ill be sure to use your write ups next time I do my wheel bearings.



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