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Cowan Sat night


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Just got back and thawed out. Spent Sat morning and arvo checking out ALL the little bay up to Patonga for 0. Then we went off to Smiths Creek entrance and drifted over the holes for an hour for 0. It was getting late so we pottered over to Waratah to hook up to a mooring lol, Chocker block don't know how many boats were there but it was cramped for space. Found a little spot and dropped anchor for the night. Lots of baby jew smashing the baits and only saw a couple of haries get pulled in. Half time in the Cronulla game we called it quits and put the head down. We left out one hairy rig, one big squid and a half of a pilly from last week. Woken up around 1.00am with a small jew sucking on my squid so re baited and went back under the covers. 2.30am the brothers rod screams and he pulls in an 85cm jew on the half pilly. No pics to bloody cold. Morning session was even dumber we went up to lion and did the drift to barrenjoey for 0. Called it a day around midday after drifting Smiths again. Water temp 14.5. Not sure on the temp but definitely colder than last week.

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Plummo Boy we just had the fishraider hairtail social there this weekend and caught literally 100's of hairtail. Shame you did not join the 60 odd raiders there.

Check out the post http://www.fishraider.com.au/Invision/index.php?showtopic=81290 live report from there.

Join us next year :)

Well that accounts for the car park. I did say to my brother the comp was coming up and thought it was later in the month and wasn't sure if there was another leave pass available. Happy for all the raiders that hooked up. I'm now thinking that you were the houseboat with what looked like an ACDC flag in the left hand corner. I'll def book in for next year and remind myself to double check the notices with a little more detail and read up on how to catch the damn things.



After being out for the last two weeks I'll also have to

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