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Pan Fried Whiting Salad

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Hey Raiders,

I've started a new health and fitness blog with the intention of showing people the ease of eating well and the benefits that come with it. I'll be coming up with hopefully some new ways to cook the fish I catch and as I haven't gotten out to fish in a while, all I can do is eat that frozen stuff :( no fresh goodies. If you're interested in my blog, shoot me a PM and you can follow it as I don't want to advertise according to site rules. Here is a quick and easy salad to whip up. For all the Raiders here who are looking out for their macros and calories, I'll include them down below aswell.



- 250g raw whiting fillet

- 100g mixed greens salad mix

- 100g cherry tomatoes

- 50g low fat cottage cheese

- 60g balsamic vinegar

- Wedge of lime/lemon

Cooking Instructions

1. Grill whiting fillets. If the fillet is frozen, heat pan on med-high heat and coat the surface with olive oil. Once hot place fillet on top (stand back as the water and oil causes oil pops). Grill fillet on med-high heat for 2 mins each side then flip back and cook for 2 mins each side at low-med heat and then turn off fire and let it sit for 1 minute on the pan.

2. Mix the salad mix, chopped cherry tomatoes and cottage cheese to form a salad base.

3. Drizzle the salad with 60g of balsamic vinegar and serve the whiting fillets on top.

4. Add salt and pepper and basil flakes for taste with a squeeze of lemon/lime.

Macros: 54/15/13

Calories: 393 kcal

Prep time: 15 minutes

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That looks seriously tasty Allen thanks for sharing. Some Sumac added at the end would work a treat I think

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