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big Neil

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I'm a bit thick when it comes to computers and related technology. With a lot of help and appropriate "clips round the ears", I've managed to put together this 4 minute video of an amazing day on the River. My mate Luke (my mentor) caught both fish and I hastily collected some reasonable video footage, on the day. We did catch other fish on the day, but these are the magic one metre plus monsters that abound near home. They don't get this big by being stupid and to say that they are hard to catch, would be an understatement. The new Cod season is quickly approaching and I'm raring to go.

The initial footage was collated and edited using Movie Maker and uploaded to Vimeo.

Hope you enjoy my first fishing video. BN          https://vimeo.com/191326104


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11 hours ago, Blackfish said:

Awesome fish there Neil. Congratulation to Luke and you for mastering technology so we can see those iconic Aussie fish.

Really like the song you chose as well, who is it.


Thank you. Been there ,done that is from  'The Shack Tapes' by Greg Champion who is a Melbourne radio identity /comedian and sometime singer. Some good tracks on the album. Cheers, BN

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