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A new law that begins in NSW on 1 December 2016

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Yeah- knew that but that's the problem with the whole "Rockfishing Safety" BS being foisted on us by the SLSA and certain local councils and MPA's (like the Bodaree National Park). People think that rockfisho's are dying like flies- at the end of the day life is not without risks and neither is rockfishing , but in general it is no more dangerous than a whole bunch of other activities. As i keep harping on-the safety aspect is being used as a precurser to a whole bunch of lockouts- just watch! And I can tell you I am really against lockouts- as a generallly offshore fisho these days- I still dont want to see ANY fisho locked out - even if it doesnt effect me personally

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In my younger days when I regularly fished the rocks around Coogee and Maroubra I never put myself into situations when things were dangerous. In heavier seas, we fished Mistral Point or The Blessings, or a high ledge at South Coogee. There were plenty of places to go to in probably 75% of the conditions. When I didn't fish, I spearfished or I surfed regularly. This also meant I was able to read the water and as per my first sentence not put myself into dumb situations. In those years I have seen my fair share of silly people taking stupid risks for the sake of a fish or two. Yesterday, I watched a bunch of Asians (true) fishing at Shark Point and while most had the right footwear and lifejackets, one had neither and he attempted to cross dangerous section without even looking at the water movements nearly falling into the drink before my eyes. Incidentally, I am also an immigrant in Australia and had to learn all this water sense for myself through participating in SLSA, surfing etc...

The only time I had ever come anywhere close to drowning when I went surfing at The 'Bra in massive swells with no one else out at all and I got caught inside a monster set of waves. It was the most horrifying thing I have ever experienced and while it scared the absolute shyte out of me, I still kept surfing in big waves after the event...  

Personally, I disagree with having to wear a lifejacket because big brother wants to protect me from harm. I also doubt that there will be a mass enforcement of this law. Maybe at the more popular locations, but certainly not the more remote ones.

I will abide by it though, because I am compliant. But a law will not make for rockfishermen with common sense. 

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