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A starter needs some help about Jervis Bay

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G'day Raiders,

I am a starter and will go to my first fishing trip in 2 days to Jervis Bay. I think I will just do some land-based fishing. Is anybody knows some good spot in Jervis Bay for land-based fishing? Or anybody could give me some basic tips which will be very useful for me.

Many thanks!

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Hi Kang

First tip download the fish Smart app to your phone as Jervis Bay has a few no fish zones and habitat zones.

2. Take a squid Jig or two as there is sone great places with weed beds and your should get enough for a feed and fresh bait.

if land based I have had good luck with fresh squid / WA Pilchards or Chicken thigh as bait and best time I used a float and kept my bait of the bottom, bait was about 2mtrs down.

once that was set I used another rod and did the soft plastics (Learning) thing.


if you don't get anything at jervis bay or the weather is crap (windy) try a few spots in St Georges Basin for Flatheads / Bream and Tailor.


good luck

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