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Fished the deep off Lilli Pilli early yesterday morning. The fish were biting on fish strips, salted and fresh, and caught before sun-up. After the sun popped up, only the little reddies on the bite. The water is very clear. Pillies only attracted the pickers.

Only 2 yakkas caught, the smaller one used as a livie, and the other one cut up into strips. Like the last several months, the livie was still swimming about when I packed up.

The only fish jumping near me were pillies. I caught 2 about 10cm, and when they died, I used them as whole baits to only feed the little reddies.

I also caught 3 that were about 22cm long, the biggest that I have pulled out from the Hacking. I was going to salt them for bait, then at the last second decided to eat them. The Italians and Greeks like eating them, so thought I would try them.

I cut off the fillets and removed the fine rib bones. Like the fillets from the other fish, they were coated in bread crumbs and pan fried in some butter and olive oil mixture. Some home made chips and salad to complement them. The pillies were quite tasty, a slightly stronger flavour than the bream or reddie, but still I enjoyed them. Contain a high amount of the good fish oils. Even the new son-in-law enjoyed them. (he wants to go fishing with me some time)


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1 hour ago, Rah said:

Nice Yowie.

Do you ever not get a feed? ha ha




Usually manage a feed Tara, even if it means staying a while longer than normal on a bad day.

Both sides of my family are (or were) fishos, and like eating fish.



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2 hours ago, budzsta said:

Did you mean the pillies were jumping around you or Tailor?

Also awesome stuff!

Only saw pillie splashes. Did not notice anything of size near me. The tailor appear to be down a bit deeper in the clear water, though will be at the surface during night time.

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5 hours ago, youngfisher10 said:

How do you catch pillies haha

A small hook, size 10 or so, no sinker, with a small piece of fish bait. If the pillies are about, throw the line out as far as you can (needs practice with no sinker) and give the bait a little bit of movement every couple of seconds. If pillies are about, they will be feeding on tiny fish. A little bit of mushed up bread will help bring them closer to you sometimes.

With the larger pillies I caught, they had small fish about 4cm long in their stomachs. While I was retrieving a 3 gang hook that I had been using with salted pillies, (the pillie had been chewed off) one of the larger pillies around the 22cm mark grabbed the hooks on the fast retrieve and was hooked in the mouth, the 3 gang rig was nearly as long as the pillie that grabbed it, and it managed to get it's mouth over the size 2/0 hook.

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