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Bare Island Botany Bay safety

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The green area is where people mostly fish.

The green area with the red writing is extremely dangerous and only fishable at low tide and in dead flat conditions.

The main platform is in white writing.

The swell on the main platform when it hits comes up sideways and rolls across the platform with a sideways motion.

The platform at high tide is level with the sea so it only takes small swell to come over and roll across but having said that this area is fishable most times when other areas are too dangerous.unless the swell is coming straight in towards it from East/South East or South.

Cleats are a must here because it is slippery all over and having a sideways rolling green water coming over the ledge will knock you off quick unless ready for it.

You must wear a life jacket here if you go in here and you can not swim or float due to heavy clothing you will probably drown unless recused 1st.

Although the spot sound dangerous it is one of the safest at most times yet can be one of the dangerous ones too.due to the low level platform and water rolling over sideways.

4 people have died here as you can read the sign walking down the easy access stairway.

Fisheries do come down here sometimes to check your catch and licence also lots of tourists walk around the rocks and sometimes they get washed in too.

Good fishing,possible to get all types of fish being so close to the entrance of Botany Bay,night fishing is risky,unless calm and lit up well.

Scuba diving groups/classes  hit this area every day and dive right past the platform,they are a pain.





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Another good post with lots of info. Cheers. I've tried around Botany a bit but avoided the island as I wasn't sure what the good spot were. I've fished the mainland though, at the point just in from the island. It seems very popular but doubt it would be as productive.

However, it is in the swell shadow of the island/bombora so feels much safer.

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