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North Bondi Point

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North Bondi Point.

It can produce good surface fish.

Best times are sunrise and sunset or an overcast day.

Best tide 2 hours before 2 hours after but can be good as long as its morning/afternoon or overcast.

Only fish on the rock that I have shown in green otherwise you might get bold over by a swell.

This rock area is exposed in any swell,so you need to watch the rock and swell before you fish it.

On calm days this is not an issue.

Will produce most common surface species and some rare ones too depending on the warmer currents drifting down from the North.

Do not fish were I have put red X marks or you will get cleaned up by a wave unless its calm and dead flat.

Always wear rock cleats and life jackets at this location and suitable clothing for fishing off the rocks,like light clothing shorts/tee-shirt etc.

I have only ever spun off this location for many years.

Spinning info only !





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