Cracking day @ Thompson Creek

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What a day it turned out to be with Swano scoring his PB Brown Trout and his very first rainbow ? Trout. The fishing was good with a few big missed hits and the weather was sensational all day. The tally was 3 rainbows and 1 huge female brownie and all returned to the water safely. Great day out Deano and can't wait to get back for some more top freshwater action again. Regards Stewy






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Awesome fish there boys! Your a good team. Always seem to come up with quality fish! :) 

Cheers scratchie!!! 

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Great work guys! Can't wait to get up and have a crack for trout, might make plans for closer to Winter and get up there for a day.



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Cracking fish guys

Good to see you on the other end of the camera Dean with a Catch of a life time!



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Great to catch up with Stewie again,its been awhile between trips. Never been to TCD but was keen to go.

After a foggy drive and a 25 min walk, we arrived at the dam right on sunrise.

The dam looked spectacular, but not as big as I'd imagined,Could Stew's tales of monster trout be true?

Had only walked about 50mtrs along the bank and although we couldn't see fish, we see rises which can only be big trout.

A rise within casting distance got my heart pumping,a quick cast to the boil up and a couple of jigs on the little minnow and I come up solid. I don't fish 4lb gear that often so wasn't sure to add more drag or back off, then I saw the fish...Back off,this was a serious fish and I didn't want a bust up. 

Then I spot Stewie with the video and commentary, Oh god more pressure!

It felt like I was getting nowhere with hardly any drag,but finally got the big girl to the bank, I was rapt.

"We can go home now Stew," but he was having none of that. The rises had stopped so we headed further round the dam to Stewies "Secret Spot". Bugger me he hits the lead with 2 beautiful rainbows. As the wind started to puff up a bit I drew level with a little rainbow ( hey they all count).

By now it was mid arvo, so decided to start the long walk back throwing Tassie devils and Celtas into the wind. I had one follow and another big hit.

Could not believe the amount of Yabby shells around the waters edge, they must get smashed by the trout !

Got back to our starting point, but the wind had churned up the once crystal clear water into a brown murk. We fished it for a while and were getting nothing so we called it a day.

And what a day. Thanks again Stew.

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