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Port stephens landbased night

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Hi everyone.

Just joined the forum and was hoping to get some information about port stephens. I'm planning on heading there sunday night to fish nelson bay rock wall till morning. Would really appreciate any advice from anyone. I have fished there in the evenings and have seen people start coming in at 8 or 9 to probably fish overnight so i decided to give it a go.

What would be the best to target there at this time of the year and should i be using floats and lights or a sinker? Thanks in advance.

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You'll be in with a chance for a jewfish around the tide change at night

If you get time, head over to little beach just before sunset and catch yourself a few fresh squid, try keep them alive

I'd send them down with a sinker 

Do keep in mind the current runs pretty hard through there especially given the sizes of the tides at the moment so keep a good eye on your lines as there's plenty of reef down there

If you're there Monday morning and have any squid left you'll be in a chance for a kingy around sunrise 

Be prepared for a ton of banjo rays as well 



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