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Broughton Island Tomorrow

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The weather's looking good for a run to Broughton Island tomorrow. Hopefully find some reds. The missus is coming as she wants to see some whales. I told her I could just fish around Fingal and the closer islands and come back in mid morning and pick her up at Shoal Bay but she wants to fish too, so I told her we need to be on the bait grounds by 6am, so we'd need to leave Soldiers Point ramp by 5:30. She still wanted to go! ( I wanted to fish alone so she didn't outfish me while I tie knots, bait up for her, remove her fish for her, etc! ?).

Anyway, if anybody's about off Port Stephens tomorrow, feel free to call me up on VHF. I'm always monitoring 16 and can go to 91 or whatever. Call sign: Sea Miner, or Berleyguts will do.

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hey baz my mate has gone up to fish near sisters this arvo..if he rings with news of reds later il post it..rick

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