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The Tree- for Regan

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So after recovering from a back injury ended up with a nice case of influenza A so hopefully thats my uota for the year.

Recently I gave regan a few suggestions on some spots to fish around the nambucca including "the tree" (Regan is one of only 2 people I've ever told about it) but due to poor directions he never got there. So in honour of Regan I made the drive up to the tree before work and also to satisfy my need to feel a fish strike a lure (it had been a week).

The conditions were perfect just the right amount of current and bait sheltering around the branches it looked like a sure thing. 

the first 20 casts turned out fruitless on the normal slow twitch pause retrieve that is usually deadly over winter switched to a slow roll again for nothing. As a final resort tried a rapid twitch retrieve similar to working a stick bait for whiting and straight up the lure was eaten and the drag screaming got me off guard and took some quick work to stop him from burying me under the tree and then out came a bream certainly not big but on steroids for his fight 


A couple of casts later with the same retrieve and on again same solid run and fight and again bream of a similar size 


kept doing the same thing and the bream kept coming mostly around the 25cm range or smaller they all packed a punch for small fish and a couple of times the school  followed in the hooked fish trying to steal the lure out of its mouth


then i had a far more brutal hit and run finally a big bream had to lock up and go for broke and out comes a low 20's moses perch


this thing absolutely punched above his weight all the fish were fighting like a local ice dealer had ditched their stash in the water

finished off with a couple of the samllest big eye trevally i've ever seen 

hopefully I'll get some more fishing done later in the week.... until then

cheers for reading 


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Nice session and another good report welldone mate

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shoooot, sorry only just read this,

awesome report mate.

thanks for telling me where the tree was, even though i didnt find it still had an awesome time up in nambucca, saw heaps of big flattie lies at the golf course so will hopefully get som next time we are up there

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