Hawkesbury Jewfish & Kings

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Hi all, 

Wouldn't mind sharing some of my knowledge on fishing Hawkesbury Jewfish & Kings to some raiders. I myself was put onto real fishing by a raider years ago, and feel it's time to share some of the love. 

I'm based on Dangar Island in the Hawkesbury. 4.8 meter boat with bait tank, downrigger with 10 pound and 20 pound bombs, and heaps of rods. 

Typical day is Sunday. I start around 10am (no need for me to launch and such). 


  • Two hours getting yakkas / nippers. Throw one back for rat kings at the baitground. 
  • Fish the rides (running down up at Dangar / Wobby, running up Juno / Flint & Steel / Lion Island).
  • Run the downrigger if at Flint & Steel in some Pittwater moorings. 
  • Fish Juno for the last light for Jews. 

Some days are good, some days are bad, but generally always come home with a feed!

PM me if you'd like to learn a little. 

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Good Advice Mate ill keep it in mind as i head up there every now and again

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Legend! I don't get up to the Hawkesbury or Pittwater anywhere near as much as I want.. will definitely be giving it a go! 

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