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Hey Raiders,

I've recently been trying my hand at lure fishing for bream and other types of fish but can't seem to get a bite. I'm looking for someone around western Sydney who might be willing to give me some help. Wether it be by boat or shore I'll be happy to put some $$ for supplies and lures.




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start with less fussy targets and gain some confidence fishing with lures, flathead are the best fish to get your luring started off with. Plastics around the flats where you know flathead reside, 3-4 inch  grub or shad style plastics (zman, gulps) and a 1/8oz jighead, hopped along the bottom. I personally prefer the gulp turtleback worm and 3" crabby. Once you get plastics sorted then you move onto hardbodies. Tailor and pike are good practice when starting out with hardbodies.

bream are a tough target to consistently catch on lures but once you crack a bluelip there's no turning back, there are some articles in the articles section that may give you some pointers, the main thing is don't give up and don't get stuck in a single retrieve. try different retrieves and speeds and watch for fish reacting sometimes they like it slow and sometimes fast it literally changes from day to day.

hope this helps


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I agree with Dave, flathead are way easier to target when learning the ropes.  Im guessing you fish the Georges river being so close.  

If you wanted to meet up somewhere send us a pm mate.   Im in Campbelltown, and fish the Georges regularly.  I should be able to help you out long as your not one of those "what the best place, whats the best lure, whats the biggest" type of guys:P

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