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DPI Fish Stocking Map

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Hi Guys,

I stumbled onto a map on the Dept of Primary Industries site that shows the fish stocking areas and rates in NSW; the link to the site is here:

I've attached an example of how the information is presented. The information is just great. As an example there has been quite a few bass stocked in various metropolitan Sydney locations in the last couple of years. Lake Burrendong has had a lot of cod released into it over the last few years, 120,000 in the last year alone!

This is a great tool to check out places to explore or check if worth fishing either now or in the near future.



Stocking Map.JPG

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Great link , unfortunately i have chased up a few spots in my area and alot of them are on private property with stubborn owners and no public access allowed . 

It would make more sense if stocking certain species was done in or near national or state parks so everyone could see benefits

great link tho , kept me on the computer for hours !!

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