Bass and Estuary Perch in Sydney

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Hey guys,

Just wondering if there any spots in Sydney that are heavily populated with bass or ep. I have plenty of plastics and a few soft cicada lures but am just lacking the spots to fish. I have a kayak but am looking for some landbased spots aswell.

Thanks guys

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Hi Cooper,

You won't find many people willing to give up their Bass or EP spots on a forum.

Most of us have invested years in finding our spots and learning the patterns etc.

The best advice I can give you is to read articles online and search YouTube and then hit the water and put in the time. I can tell you that all of the fresh water reaches of the Sydney rivers hold Bass in varying numbers and that the upper reaches (brackish) all hold EP's and Bass depending on the time of year. 

If you do some homework and then hit the water, you'll find some fish.


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