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North arm Nambucca rivr camping

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after the rain for the last couple of weekends decided it was time for the kids to get out of the house for some proper camping through scouting managed to gain access to a new property for camping and fishing.

the place looked amazing massive mullett everywhere after a uick set up the kids got into the fishing action my young bloke landed about 10 catfish between 47-50cm and a massive mullett about 55cm, after a few hours of that the kids went off to do whatever it is they do which meant it was my turn to fish

The bass didn't play the game just the commotion of the kids, but there were plenty of catfish feeding along the bottom so I tried a new technque for the "cranka crab" just need a cast up in front of the feeding cattie give it a bit of a shake and hang on


I really forgot how hard these guys fight there were some scary moments watching a very expensive lure head for the timber  


its like they were designed for catties the claws catch the lips really well didn't have a single deep hooking


they were all really good sized fish around the high 40's to 50cm range

the kids came back and were happy just watching me tangle with the catties


as you can see pristine water


We also managed to catch a young rabbit being a pest and me wanting to be a caveman or the kids it was quickly dispatched and cooked on the fire later on


after dark we went down with the spotlight and caught a Cox's gudgeon something different for the kids


then of course it rained early the next morning which cut our trip a little short but certainly not disapointed with the results

cheers for reading 


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sensational report dave out fishing awesome stuff..the crankas are incredible  never thought bout freshie use..cheers rick

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nice report dave

never seen a catfish caught on a cranka crab ;)

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Another great report Dave and a new species for the crab lures. Sure looks like a lovely area to fish. bn

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thanks guys, I was surprised how well the crabs worked next challenge is a trout on a cranka crab

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