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Hey guys, I will be in Canberra for the weekend and would like to wet a line so I would love to catch a carp or a Redfin perhaps, I know carp are not highly regarded but if I only have a few hours to try then I would rather catch a carp than nothing. I have a few spots from google but I would like first hand advice if possible, so if you could suggest a spot for me (along with tips if needed) then that would be great.

I know carp will gulp corn so that's easy bait to get, do you guys use the hair rig? How big a hook should I be using? Do you berley the area or just cast and wait?

Is it worth even trying for a Redfin (or other natives)? I read that Redfin like worms, what are the odds of landing one? Better chance on lures?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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About a month ago I saw a guy catch a carp in the lake in front of Westfield Belconnen. 

If looking from the Westfield he was on the board walk off to the left. There is a few car parks there and you walk across the grass. 

Not sure what he was using for bait or rig. 

Good luck. 

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If you have wheels Id suggest urriarra crossing on the Murrumbidgee up or downstream 10 minutes worms or shrimp 3 way swivel hook trace 50cm pea sinker dropper 20cm no.8 longshank just about guaranteed carp. Redfin easy in most lakes Lake Bg, Ginninderra and Tuggeranong using no.3 red celta type lures cast let sink wind just fast enough to spin blade move along the bank til school located. Either way a great way to spend an afternoon imo, tight lines let us know how u go

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