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School jew off the beach

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Just a little report from last night up the beach. High tide was 9:45pm so drove down around 7:00 to find a spot. The Nor-Easter was still blowing pretty strong but thankfully it died right down just before dark. 

Had a bait out by 7:30 (beachworm) and fished till 10:00, jewy bit just after 9:00. Was the only bite all night making it a pretty slow few hours! But always worth the wait. Looked like it had been attacked as some stage too, he had two puncture marks and a pale white patch about half way down the body. Still released fine :) 


Not sure where all the bream and whiting are hanging out but haven't caught one for weeks.


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Nice Jewie there mate. Makes up for being the only bite i reckon. :)






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40 minutes ago, peterbylsma said:

Nice one!  Do you mind me asking how much beach worm did you use for bait and what size hook would you have been using?

G'day, about 20cm of worm threaded up a 5/0 longshank. Gamakatsu 01315 are pretty good

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