Smoked Mullet

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The humble mullet doesn't have a great reputation as the best eating fish around, but my wife likes them so after catching a few on the weekend, I decided to have a go with a couple on the smoker.

First I made up the brine mix which was 200 grams of salt and 100 grams of brown sugar in 1 1/2 litres of water. Refrigerate and put the fish in in for a few hours. Take them out and wash them gently and then pat dry with a paper towel. Put them on an oiled smokey tray, and cook IMG_20180116_174645.jpg.feecfabee07699b46bf11fd8a9e2d933.jpg

I looked in on them to see how they were going



and then plated them up




Turned out pretty good with a salad. 

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They look good, ive only eaten mullet raw, well cooked in lemon juice in a dish thats very popular with pacific islanders, coconut cream, chilli, onion, raw mullet and lemon juice, im sure theres other ingredients too but ive never made it myself so not sure what.

its delicious and the mullets great like that.

dont even remember what they call the dish but its goooood.

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thanks @Hooked-Up, I'll have to have a go at that too. Sounds really good. Is your way similar to this Raw fish - Raro style


Catching mullet is a bit of fun, especially with my boy. He is getting pretty good at it now, and even started showing @MainframeJames how to do it. James, we'll have to hook up again for another outing!

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Sounds pretty much spot on mate and it’s yummy lol. Definitely give it a go 

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Nice work AW.

Did you use a hot smoker?

Doesn't look like a lot of colour or heat on them?


Anyway generally speaking we aussies are spoilt for choice & see fish like this as being bait.

Visit any European country & fish like mullet, slimy mackerel, herring, sardines etc are classed as every day bread & butter fish.

Even fish like pearl perch & flathead here was a lesser fish that no one though much of until they started charging $30 a kilo at the fish market.


How did they taste anyway?

The only suggestion & have if you are going to smoke them whole is to put a few slices just through the skin so the brine & smoke can do its job.


Id like to see the flesh if you have a pic? 

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Thanks for the tips. I'll have a go next time, although mullet have been a bit scarce lately.

No flesh photos, but it was a nice white colour. Tasted excellent ?



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