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Hi all,

I've just bought a new setup which I will use mostly for micro jigging and flicking soft vibes.

Rod: Storm Gomoku Kaiten Nero (PE 1-3) Blue

Reel: Shimano Calcutta 200B

Line: 20lb Power Pro - Depth Hunter

My questions is this;

Could this setup be used to target decent size Pink Snapper? Or will they do my arse in? 

I will be mostly droppin 20-40g jigs and vibes for targeting Jewies in NSW. I fit about 200m of braid on the reel.

I had a few spin and baitcast options, some made more sense than the 200B but I always wanted a Calcutta B, so I decided to do something different. I will also use the reel for Barra when I travel up north.

Has anyone used the 200B to catch snapper or pelagics?

Thanks for the advice/help.





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I have a mate that fishes with me for reds and he uses Calcutta with 12lb braid long 20lb mono leader and handles reds to 8kg no probs....rick

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Thanka for your reply mate, gives me some confidence in my choice! Do you know if its a Calcutta 200B? 

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On 1/31/2018 at 8:29 PM, ruckus213 said:

Cheers mate !

Hi mate, I know this is an old thread. Did you end up going with that outfit? The 200B on the Kaiten? How did it end up for your application? I'm looking at a similar application but was thinking 15-20lb braid and maybe the Erito Rod (0.8-1.5PE 120g Jig) any comments? It will also end up as a kids bottom bash outfit for flathead, so possibly 180g sinkers on a bad day but not very often and not jigging them. 


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