Sydney Harbour 6/2/18 - Amazing Day Out

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So I figured that I should provide an update on the day out on Tuesday. I was able to take out some clients for a fish (perks of being in sales) and the weather and conditions just turned it on!

Started at Roseville nice and late around 10:30 and headed out to quarantine head and within 20 minutes had the first king on board. Hung around there for a while and flicked some lures to watch the school kings chasing hard.

The guys decided that the sea was too flat to stay inside so we headed out to have a look for surface feeders. Heading out through the heads and there was A LOT of bait fish feeding on the surface (yakkas I think) and in the midst of this were some jumping Tuna. I'm pretty sure stripeys as I got one the other day. p.s. Under rated eating by everyone.

We trolled around the schools of bait with some skirts and divers hoping for a fun little tuna but nothing hit. Headed out wider, only about 60M only hoping for something bigger hovering under the bait but nothing unfortunately. Water temp was still high 24's all the way.

Came back inside again for the change of tide and some lunch and set back up at Quarantine Head. Found the yakkas again. I've never seen them so think! After a quick visit from the water police to say hi we proceeded to catch a few more kings and called it a day in the late afternoon.

This is what happens when you take the day off work to go fishing midweek!!!

The true highlight of the day though. Taking clients out for a fish, showing them how I like to catch kings, watching them catch them all day on my gear, rigs and bait. Not catching a SINGLE THING all day myself... Hilarious.

$%(&!@) Fishing eh...

Get amongst it everyone!

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Anyday you want to catch some and show me let me know Ill even bring my own runabout


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Still sounds like a  great day on the water

The yakkas are thick everywhere, And most a very large size so they dont make good livebait

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