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Wanda beach again -day time fishing

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Arrived  at the beach for  a lazy 8:30 am start. Low tide and there were only a few surfers and they were miles out to catch those occasional waves. Fishing wise I was the only one casting, with another to my north trying for worms.

Caught the bream within the first 15 min, which went 35 cm. Felt mission accomplished at this point. I had a few more pilchards with me so stayed on and caught those flatheads (smallest one next to the bream in the photo is 34 cm) and the last fish caught was the dart which is also 35cm. 

At around 11:15 AM there were a few young lads decided to have a swim just in front of where I was standing. Had enough fish in the bucket and not wanting to catch the swimmers, I gave up the gutter to them, threw the leftover pilchard and came home.

All in all, had about three hours good time on the beach and sorted this week's fish supply.






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Caught only three fish last night but happy with the result as two of the fish were my preferred species. 

Had to sort out next week's fish supply, got back to the beach at 8:00 am and job done at 10:30. Worth of mentioning is I caught a flounder that went to 34cm which is my first from Cronulla beach and my PB.




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