Boat for Botany Bay

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Ok folks so the motor on my old dehaviland has finally given up the ghost and it's not worth fixing up....


so so new boat time for me 


my my old boat was a 4.9 m fibreglass runabout and I am thinking of something like a triumph boats 1700 cc although there are few about


any suggestions as to what boat for the bay... budget 15-20k

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Hey mate im also looking to buy a 1st boat around the same budget. Ive been looking around and researching a bit on line but would be good to get some feedback from some people who could share some of their expert advise 

Hopefully you get some good feedback


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Hi there folks,

i am not Rex Hunt, I am only saying folks as I am new & want to say good day. Some interesting posts definitely. I am moving to Sydney soon near Waverley & would launch my boat from Botany ramp I believe. 

Ok the boat is only 5 mars but I fish 10 to 15 nautical miles offshore in it on a good day I.e. in Queensland. If you want to check it out let me know. I am still a couple of months away.

i basically baught the Hull only & got all the work done on it. Now it is a centre console with a 60hp yammy & goes like a rocket on a glassy day I.e. cause I love offshore. Can anyone tell me a bit about fishing in Sydney as I have never ever fished there.



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