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Hi Everyone, 
Just posting as I'm new here and wanted to know if there is many anglers from Melbourne around ? 
Have my own gear, don't mind if there is a boat or not, but happy to share cost of going out on your boat. (had to sell my boat unfortunately)
Mainly looking for company as the missus inst as big into fishing as i am. plus increasing my fishing knowledge would be great too. 
Happy will all kinds of fishing. 

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Hey Josh mate. I see that you have no replies to your post. Being in a similar position myself, the best advice I could give you would be to have a look at nearby fishing clubs and find out when they meet. Go along and you'll almost certainly get to expand your circle of fishos. Certainly stay on Fishraider and get involved in the posts, etc...there's lots to learn and contribute to here. Good luck mate, bn

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Getting  few Vic's on here lately, could be cause a local Melbourne site has recently closed down due to the owner passing on through a heart attack about 6 weeks ago. R I P Mick .

Mick was a great bloke and treated everyone he met with respect, he IS and will be greatly missed.


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