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Hey guys, I have found myself jigging a fair bit recently, and on the last trip managed to break my pe 1-3 gomoku on a sizeable reef fish (at the grip). I am looking for your guy's opinion on what you would recommend for around $400, hopefully spinning and a PE 4. I was looking at maybe the new Freams LT 5000 and a Major Craft Crostage PE 4 or should I spend more on the reel like a Biomaster 5000 and Gomoku PE2-4?

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I ended up getting a NS amped Slow Pitch. Feels great in the hand. Should be good for my slow jigs. Loads nicely but has a lot of power down low.

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Hi Niffa,

Bad luck about the Gomoku... good excuse to buy another rod though!

I have broken a few of those, but never at the grip end.

I like using them( and I still do)  but I think they are a little dainty for me... actually I am a little too careless for them!

I have popped off a few runners ( those single foot guides are easy to knock off against the side of the boat)

I have broken a few tips probably again from a knock on the side of the boat.

Anyway, good luck with the new rig.






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