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Pflueger Salt 50

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Hey guys,

Just purchased a Pflueger salt 50 to do a bit of land based-bait soaking. Is 50lb braid overkill? Ideally I'd like 40lb spiderwire but I can't find it anywhere at a low cost. The reel capacity says 405yd-20lb / 305yd-30lb / 250yd-40lb. Will predominately be fishing from wharves and shores around Parramatta River/Sydney Harbour. 

Thanks in advance!

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5 hours ago, savit said:

The reel states max 10 kg drag. What is your rod rating?


4 hours ago, kingfishbig said:

It sounds a bit heavy even for jewfish. I am not sure why you would want to use braid for bait fishing either.

I prefer braid for casting and will be occasionally flicking (sorry, didn't mention that in the initial post).


4 hours ago, PaddyT said:

I will ask an even more basic question- what are you fishing for?

Jews/rays. Potentially flick for rat kings.

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I’ve got the salt 40, 50 and 60 and owned them going on three years. Tried a few different line classes.

the 50 I have spooled up with 300 metres of 20lbs j braid x4 with some mono backing. If you can tie your knots right it should be more than enough strength for what you’re targeting. A big ray though could be tough.

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