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Im looking to catch a wobbegong but i want to know a few things first.

1. is it legal to target wobbegong in NSW (catch and release)

2. will my 4-6kg rod be enough or do i need heavier

3. what weight of line is best

4. what hook size/type is best

5. what bait is best


Any further advice is appreciated cheers guys

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15 minutes ago, Scratchie said:

From my understanding you can NOT catch the moon from a boat only land based. But please check with the dpi rules first. Here is a link to assist you! 


cheers scratchie!!! 

hey scratchie, i dont have a boat so land based is the plan


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It's my understanding they are protected, no take land or boat, however comercial set liners are able to take two per day.

Ive caught lots over the years as bycatch, even had one around 70kg from north Narrabeen beach on relatively light beach gear.

If you fish over reef from 8m to 30m you have a high chance of hooking them. They respond extremely well to burley and will take any old fish frames, mackerel and yakkas etc. I've managed to raise very big ones to the boat while gummy fishing on quite light tackle, taking it slow and steady.

In my local area they are extremely common, I could guarantee putting anyone who can swim to 8m onto several within minutes of being in the water.

When I lived in Sydney we regularly hooked them in 15-20m of water just out the front of Botany and the front of the Hawkesbury. Anywhere you catch port jacksons you will also find them. 

They aren't the greatest sport, more of a heavy weight that wiggles a bit, still fun to try but I'm sure they won't be something you will become addicted too.

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I’ve caught many from the same beach up here up to 35kg! As JonD said, not the best fighting fish. I released all mine as I assumed they are protected but not a good quality fish either! But I was informed that they are protected from spearing, boat but not land based. I will check it out and report back. 

Cheers scratchie!!! 

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When I was younger we used to target them (prior to being protected) fish around the gutters on a rock platform start by catching bait we used fo use a prawn and aim to get a small wrasse which was dispatched belted on the rocks a few times to break open the skin and put out on some 20lb mono and a wire trace. The rod was only fairly light... not a great fighter but on the light gear they have a go.... 

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They are a no take species, the next 2 months they seem to aggregate on certain reefs (am guessing for spawning) and I know that we found them hard to avoid at certain spots but they have been hit hard by commercial drop liners and i rarely catch them at all these days, would strongly suggest there are better fish in the ocean- they will take a bait down deep and hook removal is an issue- they have fast jaw speed and nasty teeth- and the ability to bite their own tail. 

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