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NEW: Fishraider Tees available now!

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Hey raiders! Mike here.

If you’ve been thinking it’s been a little quite since I first introduced myself a couple of months back, it’s because we’ve been flat out behind the scenes working on some really cool things. The first of these things I’m pumped to announce today!

Just in time for Spring, we’re releasing some awesome, artist designed FISHRAIDER TEES available to pre-order! They will be a limited edition run and you can secure yours now here:

shop.fishraider.com.au ??

PLUS – all pre-orders before August 31st will receive FREE shipping Australia-wide. We have sizes from Small through to XXL, and all tees will be delivered MID-SEPTEMBER.

So without further ado...


The ALL STAR CAST Tee – $45

The ALL STAR CAST tee is a tribute to the very essence of Fishraider, and just so happens to have a sneaky double meaning...

First and foremost, it is a shout out to all the regular posters and visitors to this fine community of ours... an 'all star cast' fit for a Hollywood blockbuster. And secondly, it describes the skills of a Fishraider quite accurately, does it not?

Get one



The REEL DEAL Tee – $45

The REEL DEAL tee speaks for itself. Fishing is serious business and since 2004 Fishraider's have been getting the job done, all around this great country of ours.

Better than your average shirt. It's the real deal.

Get one

The MEMBER PACK – $80 (Save $10!)

Want both? We’ve set up an option to buy a combo kit including BOTH tees, with a $10 discount. Happy days.

Get the member pack

Over the coming weeks and months, we’ll be doing our best to keep the goods coming. Do you have any ideas for more Fishraider gear? I’d love to know what you think. Hit me back!


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Got my tees this week guys, they look great and are of good quality.


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hoodies like the reel deal tee, and a beanie its getting cold

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I like the black Hoodie idea and sticker for my boat.

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