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Having recently seen the first of the bass season reports on here my daughter was pumped to head out in search of her favourite target species. She went for a drive with a mate after school to have a quick look and flick to see how the water looked. She came home saying someone had gone off leaving set lines in the drying out pools.

I returned with her the next afternoon to see if the two lines were still there. Yes they were but what we also started finding were sticks buried under the gravel at the waters edge with more lines lay out under the surface. The lines were rigged up with sets of three hooks and stinking mullet as bait. Without looking to hard we found around 15, some of which were tied in trees. Also there was plastic rubbish and beer bottles left on the bank and in the water.

We see a large variety of birds as well as platypus in this area and there have been incidents of illegal netting. One farmer found 8 dead platypus in one net and now no longer allows anyone on their property. 

After talking with fisheries it turns out this was most likely targeting eels, in saying that we found no bass at all in any of the pools in two days.



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1 hour ago, masterfisho7 said:

Mate report it hope they get them 

As mentioned I have informed fisheries, they were quite concerned as they were involved in the platypus kill investigation in the same area. 

Trouble is people like this could end in the closures to all people fishing these areas, unfortunatly unless these people are caught closures don't stop them. 

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