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Hi I need some assistance after stripping down my Tanacom 1000 and ordering bearings & O rings it was a a couple of months before I got back to reassemble. I have forgotten where one washer goes. It was sitting on the bench next to the Drag collar A but I cant find this washer listed in the schematics or any on line tutorial. I have attached photos where I believe it may go but would appreciate some help as to whether I am right or not. The washer is 11.9mm o.d. x 8.13mm i.d. x .96mm thick and it fits over the drive shaft nicely and into the recess of the Drag collar. I have included the schematic and 2 photos of where it may go. The only issue I have with placing it into the drag collar recess is that it protrudes slightly and would not allow the drag collar full face contact with the drag washers.
Any help would be appreciated. 

Bloggsy .


Drag collar recess.jpg

Location 1.jpg

Location 2.jpg

Schematic drag collar20180918_21331657.jpg

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It would sit between 81  108 it accepts load from the centre of bearing to centre of curved spring washers    make sure your spring washers are facing each other and touching on the outer edges  so the load from centre is distributed thru the sprung curves to centre of far side of the four spring washers  or pretension washers as they are your foto your washers are wrong  they should be placed   ( ) ( ) as such  yours are ) ( ) (  ...rick

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Brilliant thanks rickmarlin62 you have assisted me yet again. I can only assume that this is a modification in the later reels and it's very annoying when you think that you have the schematics to fall back on but you cannot find what you are looking for. And yes the orientation of the spring washers is duly noted, good pick up.

I can now happily assemble my reel.




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